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Our Services / Advantage.


The TokenString block chain has the characteristics of transaction management assets. Automatically triggering data access action, etc.


All TokenString participants can view the information in the block chain, but they can't repair it.

Change information. This helps to reduce risk and fraud and build trust.


TokenString distributed and encrypted features, block chains are hard to be attacked illegally. Therefore, this technology can guarantee the security of business data.

Process quickening
The TokenString block chain can speed up the process execution speed in multiparty transaction scenes, and speed up transaction processing without the limit of office time.

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The third TokenString in the world is based on JAVA, client mining, P2P technology, Bitcoin blockchain and Ethereum blockchain, perfect integration. It has an advanced smart contract function public link platform. Decentralized virtual machines are provided through dedicated cryptocurrency TOK ("Tokener") to handle point-to-point contracts.

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Development schedule

From May 15 to June 30, we will open the wallet to download and distribute TOK to the organization.And we would like to appreciate the contribution of different organizations from around the world for the TokenString. We will keep going to advance and jointly to win the future, applying blockchain technology to all humanity and bring the advantages!

Before July 30th, we will offer Mining machine to organization, which always support our TokenString. In September 2019, the Mining machine will face global fans and be free to mine. The only access TOK will become mining.

Before August 30th, we will open a mobile wallet download function and optimize it.

From September to October, we will open the Token factory to the enthusiasts for develop tokens belonging to themselves.

In November, we will open advanced smart contracts and welcome enthusiasts around the world to develop their own tokens on TokenString. We will encourage and support enthusiasts from a technical perspective.

Before 2019, we will open up the wallet API connector for global enthusiasts to apply to companies in various fields.

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Secure data access service

The data stored by the TokenString is shared globally in the block chain, providing the security requirements for the data access layer.

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Cross chain service

TokenString intelligent contract data in different block chain interaction; this service makes the block chain between the construction of interoperability in complex business scenarios, design independent sub fine-grained operation of the chain, and the parent subsidiary of intelligent contract meet the application requirements of different scenarios, to enhance the flexibility of the books.

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From The Expert



One of the founders

Senior software engineer,Open source software enthusiasts. Have a special liking to block chain. Like to self study, software development is an integral part of life, the interest will be accompanied to the old.

12 Jan, 2018

One of the founders

Senior software engineer, open source software enthusiasts, block chain enthusiasts.

12 Jan, 2018
TokenString Founder and Technical Team Leader, Computer Senior Engineer, Architect
Familiar with JAVA, Ruby, Perl, Python and Python and various computer language technologies.
Fujian SyncTech Data Technology Co., Ltd., Chief Executive Officer, Chief Architect, Senior Engineer, Chinese Academy of Sciences
12 Jan, 2018

One of the founders

Senior software engineer, open source software enthusiasts, block chain enthusiasts.

12 Jan, 2018

One of the founders

Senior software engineer, open source software enthusiasts, block chain enthusiasts.

12 Jan, 2018

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